Our Vision

The reference in e-environment providing digital solutions to overcome climate challenges.

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Our Mission

Enable each individual and organization to be a solution to the climate challenge.

Our Values

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At Irokko, we assume both social and economic responsibilities.

  • By offering the possibility to act concretely in favor of the environment at affordable costs, Irokko encourages individual and collective actions to fight against climate change.
  • Irokko supports the social economy and the agroforestry systems by doing business exclusively with cooperatives.
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For Irokko, innovation means providing new solutions to increase individual leadership in front of the challenges of our time.

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We believe that openess means listening to and understanding others, builiding bridges to find common ground. It is only by being open to the world and the people around us that we can remain creative and create change. We will always communicate with our customers and partners in an open and honnest manner, in order to achieve self-improvement.

Our Solutions

An application to improve the environmental leadership

We believe it is more effective to increase environmental leadership by combining individual engagement and digital technologies. This is why the Irokko app helps you to make change. You can monitor your ecological footprint, get carbon credits, receive the geolocation and photos of your trees, get involved with a global community and much more.

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Afforestation solution

The goal of Irokko is to allow users to participate in afforestation projects all over the world, in the region of their choice. Every tree costs 7 $ and allows you to compensate for the equivalent of 0.5 tonnes of CO2.

Compliance with the standards of the ISO 14064-2 norm

The project strictly and verifiably complies with the entirety of the globally recognized standards for GHG projects set by the ISO 14064-2 norm: the criteria of additionality, prudence, relevance, completion, coherency, accuracy, and transparency.

The four findings that inspired Irokko


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the solutions in the fight against climate change.


Trees are an essential instrument for the reduction of GHG while improving the air quality by absorbing CO2.


More than being a consumer, people now want to be actors of change.


Digital technologies allow a rapid and extensive mobilization of people.

A network of strong partners

Thanks to its partners, Irokko guarantees quality tree planting and monitoring, respecting the technical and scientific requirements of our compensation program. We work with universities and forestry cooperatives.

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